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Found in Allah Valley, Lake Sebu's surrounding hills and thick rainforest is home to the indigenous T'bolis, Tirurays, Ubos and Manobos. Due to its rich natural resources, endangered animals such as wild boars and Philippine deer have been found in the area. Wild birds such as egrets, kingfishers, swallows, herons, Philiippine cockatoos, and kites have made the lake and its surrounding greenery their natural habitat. A unique activity to try in this area is ziplining 740 meters across, and 180 meters above ground to take in a bird’s eye view of the waterfall, Hikong Bente. Then, go back through another zipline route, albeit shorter, to spot three more waterfalls: Hikong B’lebed, Hikong Lowig, and Hikong K’foi. Both zipline routes offer breathtaking views, and you'll get an adrenalin rush as you whoosh through the cool Lake Sebu air.
Open: Open Everyday
Address: Brgy. Siloton, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Fee: P300 per head for zipline
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Nearby attractions

Kofnit Cave
11.40 km away

Kofnit Cave, which is one of the mountain caves found in Lake Sebu town, is located in Sitio Lembila of Barangay Lamfugon. Kofnit is local term for bats, which have thrived for years at the cave. Experience traversing the almost an hour hip-deep cave adventure inside the Kofnit Cave which is spotted with the best formations in Mindanao.

Sebul Farm
12.85 km away

The Sebul Farm, located in the enchanted municipality of Lake Sebu, the tourism and summer capital of the Province of South Cotabato, springs a natural farm with lots of opportunities waiting.The municipality of Lake Sebu, where SEBUL FARM can be found, is in itself a place to visit with for its natural beauty and scenic spots.  Although established barely two years ago, Sebul Farm is already teeming with wide array of herbs, medicinal plants, and ornamental plants, vegetables, and fruit crops.  It is located atop a hill in Brgy. Tasiman, overlooking the whole town and the lake itself.  Aside from its productive farm, Sebul Farm has also an added attraction below its area where nature lovers will truly enjoy.  It has a waterfalls and a river that produces strong rapids, ideal for river tubing adventure.  Whether you enjoy farming or nature escapades, Sebul will give you this exhilarating experience.  You will always want to come back again and again. Sebul Farm has a training hall and dormitory for 25-30 individuals at reasonable prices.

Maitum Burial Jars
15.33 km away

The jars used for secondary burial were dated to the Metal Age about 5 BC. - 225 A.D. Each of the twenty nine jars recovered from the site is unique. The head-shaped covers portray different kinds of facial expressions: sadness, joy, contentment. The heads were either plain, perforated or coated with red and black paints. Some have earrings, others are tattoed. Some head-shaped covers depict teeth while others have arms, female breasts and male genitalia. Treasures of Maitum gallery is a diorama of the cave where this jars were discovered.

Things to do nearby

Lake Sebu T'boli Community and Culture Immersion Tour

  • Visit Lake Sebu’s famous sites: Lake Sebu and 7 falls
  • Cultural immersion with the Tboli Community
  • Giving back activity with the School of Living Traditions
  • T’nalak and traditional embroidery demo and workshop
  • Brass making Workshop Visit
  • Traditional full costume photo session

White Water Tubing in Sarangani
Adrenaline junkies
19.46 km away

  • Enjoy the clear and cold water of the Pangi River in New La Union, onboard the improvised rubber tube
  • Quench your thirst for an adrenaline rush with an exciting white water rafting adventure
  • Endure a challenging and exciting 1.6km-long rafting experience with your team

Where to stay

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort
Hotels and homes
19.62 km away


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Brgy. Siloton, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

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