Lake Holon | Things to do in T'Boli-South Cotabato

The crown jewel of the South is placed in this area, the Lake Holon. A mountain trek adventure can be experienced in this location. Campers can make perfect relaxation to this area where they can have kayaking or just a simple breeze savoring.
Open: Open Everyday
Address: Brgy. Salacafe,, T'Boli, South Cotabato
Fee: None
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Nearby attractions

Tboli Cultural Village
8.43 km away

The cultural village provides an immersion to T'boli life, showcasing its colorful culture and hospitable locals. Here, visitors are treated not just to an educational experience, but to a real immersion in the traditional life of the T'boli natives. Spending a night at the traditional T'boli Long House (Gono Bong) is a unique experience because it gives you the opportunity to interact with the locals, feast with them, and even sleep like T'boli royalty. The women prepare a delectable spread of native dishes such as heklafak (roasted native chicken) and llolot anok (native chicken cooked with lemongrass inside a bamboo). The children dance to the music played by their mothers or aunts using traditional musical instruments. Everyone sits down to drink sweetened Arabica coffee, served in bamboo glasses. The vibe is festive, and the house is filled with music and the chatter of hosts excited to trade stories with their guests. Despite the simple comforts, the house stays true to its promise of a traditional experience, so comfort rooms are located outside, inside slatted doors made of bamboo. Prepare yourself for a memorable night with the charming people of T'boli and witness a fascinating culture that will alter what you think you know about the indigenous peoples of Mindanao.

Bakngeb River Cave
10.99 km away

Bakngeb has a wide river pool in its outlet that visitors can swim in. Its underground cave system makes the water naturally cold and crystal clear. Aside from exploring the cave and swimming in its pool, water tubing and river rafting are two activities that can be enjoyed.

Lang Dulay Tnalak Weaving Center
19.26 km away

Lang Dulay is a National Living Treasure Awardee (Manlilikha ng Bayan) which is a prestigious award given to her in 1998. She started weaving T’nalak at the young age of twelve, and through the years she has developed her skill to produce some of the most sought after T’nalak weavings in the province. After garnering her esteemed award, Lang Dulay opened the Manlilikha ng Bayan Center to focus on the preservation of the art of T’boli textile weaving by training other T’boli weavers in this time-consuming and intricate art, in doing so ensuring that the T’boli weavers continue to dream these magnificent patterns that take shape on the loom.

Getting there and around

Brgy. Salacafe,, T'Boli, South Cotabato

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