Lamlifew Village Museum and Blaan School of Living Traditions | Things to do in Malungon-Sarangani

Lamlifew Tribal Village (1)
The village is one of the top tourist destinations of the province where guests could witness and experience the traditional way of life of Blaans. The Blaan culture and tradition are being taught to the younger generation through their School of Living Tradition implemented by the Indigenous People’s Development Program of the provincial government. Museums, Weaving Center, Cafeteria and Homestay are present in the village.
Open: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM everyday
Address: Sitio Lamlifew Rd, , Malungon, Sarangani
Fee: N/A
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Nearby attractions

Kalon-Barak Skyline
6.24 km away

The site of eco-cultural tourism approximately 750 ft above sea level. It is comparable to Tagaytay City, a viewing point of Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum, Sarangani Bay and Davao Golf at one. It is known for its cold climate, the habitat of Sarangani tarsiers and holds 3 villages of B-laan tribe. It is the tribes' last stronghold during the Japanese occupation.

3DOE Ecopark and Restaurant
7.34 km away

Located along the National Highway, this ecopark is a one-stop shop for adventurers and thrill seekers. Choose your trail and your adventure for the day before you embark on a fun (and sometimes bumpy) ATV ride. For the simplest trail, and most ideal for first-timers, try the 3DOE Farm Trail. Whether you choose to ride solo on your own ATV, or buddy with someone on a buggy, this takes you on a casual ride around the 3DOE farm. The ecopark has professional guides to teach you how to drive an ATV, and they will only let you ride after you've listened to the safety guidelines. There will also be a guide to accompany you throughout your ride, and direct you where to go around the farm. When you're done and famished, head to the park's restaurant and feast on local dishes such as the native chicken tinola and adobo.

Kalaja Karst
10.15 km away

Kalaja Cave is derived from the word Kalaha, which means frying pot due to the formation of the karsts made millions of years ago. Waterfalls and caves are abundant in this area. It produced waterfalls & caves Tourists can explore the Kalaja Cave in General Santos City. The cave has a pool inside that is about three meters deep and 22 meters wide. The area is surrounded with limestone's cliffs. It has Kalaja river which irrigates the low land farm area of the city. During dry season, the river main source of water comes from a subterranean river named Kalaja Cave (a 207m cave that offers 20m of swimming and a smooth walk in knee to waist deep running water). The area has an established rock climbing route at Malakong Wall. The Wall offers beginners and Novice route to would be rock climbers. It also has many of unexplored routes waiting to be climbed. The place has also many tunnels left by the retreating Japanese forces during the WWII. 

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Sitio Lamlifew Rd, , Malungon, Sarangani

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