VIDEO:  Survivor-themed team-building activity of 39 volunteers who participated in the documentation of the 47 municipalities and cities* of Pangasinan. *Dagupan City is not yet covered.

The Volunteers Program

What is Explora's Volunteer Program?

Explora's Volunteer Program caters to traveling writers, photographers, and aerial videographers who wish to travel in the Philippines and make a difference. For over four years our volunteers have grown to a community of almost 200, composed of professional writers, photographers, videographers, and exceptional amateurs. Other members include illustrators and heritage conservationists.

During a provincial coverage, which runs from 1 to 10 days at a time, volunteers get to have first-hand experience of traveling local. This includes visiting popular and emerging destinations, trying out native cuisines, delicacies, and seasonal food, getting behind the scenes of local business industries (like anting-anting making and abaca weaving), and sleeping in comfortable homes or hotels, courtesy of the hosting town, city, or province.

By volunteering at Explora, you get a chance to create your own travel portfolio and help rebuild the brilliance of the Philippines by showcasing its top attractions, local food, and culture through articles, photographs, or videos. You also get to meet like-minded people and, if you're lucky, leaders in the tourism industry who are making bold changes to promote or conserve Philippine culture, heritage, and the environment.

Because our goal is to explore and document the Philippines' best local experiences for a few more years, volunteers are welcome to join our trips over and over again. We want our volunteers to grow with us as we expand our coverage and publish our content in multiple platforms, including guide books, magazines, and mobile apps. On top of all the perks, volunteers get to take home cherished memories, wholesome experiences, and lessons about supporting the local travel industry in the Philippines.

Our Volunteer Program is open to all regardless of age, gender, social status, race, or skin color. We only have one requirement: a portfolio of your manuscripts, photographs, or videos. Your portfolio is your ticket to Explora. Because we publish only quality content, your membership will depend on the quality of your portfolio. Can you strike wonder? Curiosity? Can you move people to get out and explore local? If you answered "Yes!" to all these, then what else are you waiting for? Volunteer at Explora now!

Who are qualified to join?

The program is currently open to local and foreign writers, photographers, and videographers who are willing to share their time, energy, and skills during our travels. Other than having a portfolio to prove your craft, potential volunteers must be healthy (That is, no health problems!), able-bodied, and ready for anything. Don't worry, we won't make you eat worms (unless you want to), but you might have to hike through virgin forests or wake up at 4:00 am to catch a spectacular sunrise.

How to apply as a Volunteer?

For writers, your portfolio should have at least 5 of your best nonfiction works, each should be at least 300 words. No journal entries, please, unless they are creative autobiographic pieces! For photographers, kindly share with us at least 5 of your best sets of photographs, each set having at least 8 photographs. Filters and post-processing should be kept to a minimum. And for videographers, please submit at least 3 of your best videos, each spanning at least 2 minutes. To all volunteers, it would be advisable to share with us not just your best works, but best published works. Applicants with published works are more likely to get in and even get paid for exceptional output. Otherwise, just give us your best shot by filling out the application form at the lower part of this page.




So what’s in it for me? Why should I volunteer at Explora?

There are a lot of reasons why volunteers choose to share their skills and travel with us, but here are the best ones:

Meet like-minded people

Our team is comprised of restless wanderers and relentless artists dedicated to exploring different parts of the country. These people make the best travel buddies because of their zest for exploration and their eagerness to share. Make the most of your time with them! Trade stories, pick their brains, and enrich your mind. They can also arm you with knowledge that goes beyond classroom instruction.

Build your professional portfolio

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student still learning the ropes, traveling with Explora gives you a unique experience, which can greatly contribute to your portfolio. Exploring with talented individuals can also give you insight to how you can better apply your skills and talents in different fields such as the Philippine tourism industry.

Recognition for all your hardwork and effort

After all that travel and volunteer work, your submissions will be polished for publishing and they will be featured on different platforms. Some of these include the website, guide books, magazines, and social media. You get to keep your name on these works and share your published content with your loved ones too.

Travel for free

Being part of Explora means you get to travel with us when we visit a city, town, or province. Because you are volunteering your time, skill, and energy, we give you an enriching experience in return. With the support of our partners, we are able to provide you free transportation, accommodations, and meals during the trip. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing, taking photos, or shooting videos while traveling for free—then this is for you!

Have a daily allowance

Volunteers who travel with us more often and consistently produce outstanding work are promoted to the status of paid volunteers. We greatly value volunteers who are not just creative and loyal to Explora, but are also passionate with the work they do—inside and outside of the volunteer program. While we know it is easy to hire paid professionals instead, we put prime importance to people who are driven by positive change and not just by profit. We salute our paid volunteers who have stood by us through time and hope that new volunteers (like you?) can reach that status too! 

Be an ambassador of the Philippines

Chances are, you already love your hometown because that’s the place of your childhood. But how about gaining appreciation for other parts of the Philippines? Visiting uncharted territory opens your mind to new cultures and introduces you to people you otherwise would not meet. This is the Explora experience, and it will most likely make a tourism ambassador out of you. After all, the Philippines is a naturally rich and beautiful country. It's about time more people know about it.


Be a Volunteer Explorer


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